Sessions format

The conference will be organized in the Open Classroom format through:

  1. Open format plenary session with the introduction of the conference topics leading to
  2. Open professional collaboration sessions in groups formed for specific level of education, with the aim to collaborate on the development of a solution for a given challenge to be presented in the plenary discussions through the day.
  • The duration of these “open professional collaboration” sessions will be of 90 minutes (per each level of education).
  • The moderators of the session will aim to trigger and enable feedback and enhance discussions and collaborative artefacts in a lively, interactive environment
  • Video Call the Expert” option will be established for collaborative session participants to involve global expertise in the issue
  • The collaboratively developed solutions will be presented in the plenary sessions by Reporteurs and will be discussed with the audience


Presentations (max 4 slides) will be accepted for the sessions if they are published in advance in the conference website and may serve to open professional collaboration purposes for the sessions.

Structure of the session (4 parallel sessions will take place for school education, higher education, adult learning, VET and company training)

The Session Moderator re-introduces the ’challenge” and questions raised during the plenary session of the conference

Presenters (4 max) have 5-6 minutes (strictly moderated!) to cover key concepts and ideas in their  presentations highlighting suggested solutions/ further  questions for the discussion in the session.

  • The participants of the session break into smaller working groups where the presenters guide the discussions to reach strategic answers to the challenges/ questions to be reported as the session outcome during the plenary sessions planned in the program
  • Experts are video called to guide the discussion (upon availability)
  • The presenters report back to the whole group about the key messages coming from their group for 1-2 minutes per group
  • The participants convene for a 10 minutes rapporting block (from each sub-group) before the closing of the session.
  • Session results will be presented in a collaborative online documents and presentations made at plenary sessions with the involvement of all conference delegates.


Following the concept of the conference of open professional collaboration, the full presentations submitted for online publishing should meet the following requirements:

  • Presentation should be developed under a Creative Commons licence (clearly indicated on the presentation file)
  • Presentation should be uploaded for open access using any of the online repository (slideshare or alike)

The technical equipment available in all the sessions rooms include laptop (MS Office, Power Point), projector and WiFi, Adobe Connect or Hangout video conferencing tools. There will be technical assistants around to provide support if needed.


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