Judit Vidékiné Reményi

Docentė, katedros vedėja Budapešto technologijų ir ekonomikos universitete (BME) (remenyi.j@eik.bme.hu)

After studying and teaching languages,  in the 1990s I switched to Pedagogy, with special focus on Distance and e-Learning (issues of course development, tutoring, teaching and learning methods and tools to be used etc.). From the 2000s I have been full-time engaged in pedagogy training teachers and teaching Digital Pedagogy to students of Engineering and Economics.  My main interest is how to design effective blended learning environments in higher education and how to effectively integrate digital technologies into face-to-face (higher) education.


Pranešimas aukštojo mokslo sesijoje: Kokių gebėjimų reikia taikant atviruosius švietimo išteklius aukštajame moksle 

The use of OER is getting more widespread in higher education. This trend raises the question of what skills, strategies, traits students and teachers need to use Open Educational Resources effectively to support learning and increase student engagement. The necessary skills are quite complex and cover different fields. The presentation focuses on these skills from the viewpoint of students and academics alike.

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